David Bau - Information for Students

Applying to the Lab

Our team is working together to build a leading research lab for interpretable neural networks. Here are a few of the areas of interest:

  • AI alignment. Looking for postdocs and students who are driven to measure and ensure the transparency, honesty, and understandability of huge models.
  • Image synthesis and control. Seeking Diffusion Model, GAN, and VAE investigators to slice up and better understand huge image synthesis models.
  • Deep network programming tools. What systems and tools will enable researchers and programmers to crack open, customize, understand, and control models with hundreds of billions of parameters?

PhD applicants should apply to Northeastern Khoury and mention your interest in my lab. I cannot reply to every inquiry, but you can email me with the words "Prospective Student" in the subject line, and attach a CV and links to any papers that represent your research interests.

Prospective postdocs should reach out to me directly.

Am I the right advisor for you? My previous publications give you a sense for what research in my lab is about. Also, in 2021 I did an AMA on Reddit where you can see my perspectives and answers to a number of questions. You can also watch my dissertation defense to get a sense of the fundamental questions that motivate my research. (Of course in my lab we will work on new topics which will move into new areas beyond previous research.)

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